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ad notam presents the future of the Mirror TV

With the ASCENT-Series, ad notam released a path breaking product-innovation

Ascent news

ad notam presented a path breaking product-innovation with its new ASCENT™-Mirror TV at ISH 2015 in Frankfurt.

With ASCENT™, ad notam raised the quality and efficiency of a Mirror TV to the highest degree. ASCENT™ is the worldwide first Mirror TV with ad notams state of the art ASCENT™-Technology.

This Mirror TV is a combination of a fully-fledged vanity mirror and an all new MIRROR IMAGE® Display. Using ASCENT™, it´s possible to adjust the TV picture size with only one touch. The consequence is a Mirror TV with which it is possible to easily transform the TV picture in the mirror from small to large and vice versa.

With this exceeding technology, it is possible to watch a movie in brilliant full size mode, while one touch brings back the vanity mirror with an elegant small-sized picture. This small-sized picture can be positioned wherever comfortable on the mirror with four preset positions available. With MAGIC MIRROR® as part of this product, ad notam delivers the highest standard of picture quality possible when turned on, while, when turned off, the TV picture completely disappears behind the MAGIC MIRROR®, leaving back nothing but the vanity mirror.

ASCENT™ is not just an attention-getter, but also very easy to install on-wall and therefore the perfect complement for any interior design solution.

A Mirror TV with this new technology is available with a 42’’ or 55’’ TV picture.